Back by popular demand the IOWVA BOD is offering 50% off unit prices for units purchased before Labor Day- 9/2-19.   Friends of current owners may also take advantage of this opportunity.  Come make memories with family and friends.  Own 2 weeks during the holidays at IOWV- unit 205-51 and 205-52 are for sale.  Want to enjoy the summer 301-31 (1st week of August)is for sale.  Don't delay inventory changes daily!

301-31 SOLD !!!  on July 15, 2019

Inventory is changing daily!

Please read the press release by the Town of Waterville Valley regarding the dam at Corcoran Pond. Corcoran Pond Dam Project.

Corcoran Pond Dam Project is finished.

5 year calendar- years 2019-2023

4 year calendar- years 2024-2027

Six Week Letter

Rental Agreement

Flex Choice Form 2020 (will be available in the future)

Flex Choice Letter 2020 (will be available in the future)

Pay maintenance fee (link to our software in the near future)

Billing cycles have not changed and are as follows:

  1. April 1st maintenance fees due for  weeks 27-52
  2. Oct 1st maintenance fees due for weeks 1-26
  3. Nov 1st maintenance fees due for Flex units 306,307, 308, 309 weeks 13-50 along with Reservation form

Please note you are responsible for maintenance fees being on time even if you do not receive the bill, lost the bill, move, etc. 

Letter from the President of IOWVA Board of Directors

2019 IOWVA ANNUAL MEETING has been scheduled for:

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2019 10 a.m. Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Marlborough, MA


The IOWVA 2018 Annual Meeting   was held 10 a.m. Saturday, October 20, 2018 at Holiday Inn & Suites, Marlborough, MA.

The IOWVA BOD thanks all of you that attended and gave input.  Also, thank all of the owners that sent in a proxy.  Quorum was made.

Proxy for 2019 Annual Meeting (will be coming soon)

Annual Meeting Minutes (2018)

Annual Meeting Minutes (2017)

Annual Meeting Minutes  (2016)


***Please make sure the on-site IOWV team ( has your current contact information-address, phone, alternate phone, e-mail etc.



Hello IOWVA Owners.  You have made great memories over the years with your family and friends from your time at the Inns of Waterville Valley.  Please share a couple of photos (in digital format) with the IOWV office staff.  We are looking for photos that show family fun either in IOWV or around town.  We would love to display some of the pictures on this website.  Please use e-mail:

COMPLIMENTARY GOLF GREEN FEE FOR OWNERS IN RESIDENCE at the historic Waterville Valley Golf Course !!!